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Bronze Medallion Toronto

bronze medallion

Saving lives is a worthy endeavor, regardless of the context. Lifeguards in swimming pools, resorts, and other swimming areas are just as important as anyone else. Lifeguards need training to assure that they know how to help swimmers in distress.

Lifeguards aren’t the only ones who need training though. Do you know who else needs training? You!

Not all swimming areas have a lifeguard on duty. Places like rivers, dams, or your own swimming pool at home are generally unprotected. That is why anyone who plans to go swimming, especially if you plan to go with children or inexperienced adults, you should undertake the Bronze Medallion Course.

The purpose is to keep yourself and those swimming with you safe, with or without the help of a lifeguard. Lifeguards are required to have this training and more, of course. However, if you successfully complete the Bronze Medallion Course, you will better be able to diagnose and treat someone who was distressed in the water and prevent things like double drowning.

How does one achieve Bronze Medallion Certification? Read on to find out!

Bronze Medallion Course

The only prerequisite you need is to be at least 13 years old. You’ll learn the basic means of self-preservation as well as the following skills:

  • Resuscitation Skills – Effective use of CPR.
  • Swimming Skills – Ability to swim 400 meters within 13 minutes non-stop. 100m freestyle, 100m breaststroke, 100m survival backstroke, 100m sidestroke.
  • Timed Tow Skills – Ability to swim 50 meters, then carry someone another 50m within 3 min and 15 sec.
  • Survival and Rescue Skills - Survival techniques and appropriate rescues for a range of different aquatic environments and scenarios.
  • Spinal Injury Treatment Skills – Ability to diagnose and manage a suspected spinal injury in shallow water.
  • Rescue Initiative Skills – Ability to initiate a rescue of two people who are in difficulty up to 15 meters from safety successfully.

bronze medallion course in Toronto

When exactly do we offer this course? There are 11 classes to attend. Each class is held once a week on a Sunday from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm. For the upcoming year, that will be April 7 to June 16, 2019. At Felix Swim Schools, we have created and implemented one of the most effective swimming curriculums available in Toronto and beyond.

It costs $420 all-in-all. The cost includes the tests you will take at the end of the 11 sessions as well. If you think about how much you will learn as well as the possibility for you to save lives in a dangerous situation, it isn’t much to sacrifice a bit of cash and a few Sunday afternoons.

Rest assured that once you’ve completed the Bronze Medallion Course and achieved the certification, you will not need to spend or take the full course again. You will merely be required to retake the final tests every year or two in order to make sure you recall your full training.

Bronze Medallion Swim

Bronze Medallion swim tests include the following 15:

  1. Can accurately throw buoyant aids to a distance of 8m, placing the aid within 1m of the center of a target 3 times out of 4.
  2. Able to simulate self-rescue techniques for circumstances including ice, moving water, and a swamped or capsized boat.
  3. Capable of demonstrating a 20m, head-up surface dive to recover a submerged victim and return to the starting point using a control carry to support the victim.
  4. Can demonstrate 3 defenses from the front, side, and rear and 3 releases from the front, side, and rear. Each should be completed using a ready position, communicating verbally each time.
  5. Able to swim head-up 6 x 25m while maintaining a consistent pace and work-to-rest ratio. (Check your pulse each time).
  6. Can swim 500m in 15 minutes or less. You may use any combination of strokes.
  7. Capable of demonstrating cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a manikin. You must successful in difficult situations, including when there are complications in resuscitation such as vomiting or drowning as well as being able to adapt and use either technique like mouth to nose or stoma when necessary.
  8. Able to simulate treatment of both a conscious and unconscious adult or child with an obstructed airway.
  9. Can demonstrate the appropriate diagnosis and care of a victim suffering from shock, heart attack or angina, external bleeding, see, and Transient Ischemic Attack. (TIA)
  10. Effortlessly wall through an aquatic scene, evaluate the ongoing activities, and model safe aquatic leisure choices.
  11. Able to treat a conscious breathing victim with a suspected cervical spinal injury in shallow water. You'll have to demonstrate recovery and immobilization with both a face-up and a face-down victim while also recruiting random bystanders to assist you.
  12. Able to perform a logical underwater area search at a depth of 3 m.
  13. Can perform a non-contact, low-risk rescue in an aquatic situation with bystander assistance, and follow-up including contact with EMS.
  14. Able to perform a high-risk rescue of a non-breathing victim located in deep water, 5 m from a point of safety with bystander assistance, and follow-up including contact with EMS.
  15. Capable of performing a contact and/or non-contact rescue of a distressed or drowning victim in open water, requiring a 20 m approach and 20 m return.

Bronze Medallion Certification

bronze medallion Toronto

When you achieve Bronze Medallion Certification, you will be considered eligible for lifeguard positions as well as looking after swimmers without professional supervision for 12 months.

After the 12 month period has come to an end, you will need to retake the tests to prove that you are still qualified and deserving of Bronze Medallion Certification.

If you're not certified yet, or your Bronze Medallion Certification is out of date, please take the time to get certified. It is up to you and me to keep people safe whenever there's no lifeguard. The cost of not learning these techniques could be the life of someone dear to you. Contact us and remember...

Be safe! Be certified!

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