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Felix's Swim Schools

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Toronto Swimming Lessons

Toronto Swimming Lessons

Everyone should learn how to swim. Whether you’re still an infant or fifty years of age, swimming could be vital to your survival someday. Even if it isn’t, swimming is still good for us in many ways.

Felix’s Swim School offers you the best of the best when it comes to learning to swim. We have classes for those who want to learn casual swimming as well as for lifeguards and more!

In this article, we’ll go into detail about what our Toronto swim school can teach you. You’ll learn which of our classes is best suited for your needs and how to apply. If you’re interested in learning more about swimming and what types of classes you could take up then carry on reading!

Toronto Swim Lessons

Our swim school offers many different types of swimming lessons in Toronto. We’ll break them down into four main groups so that you can see which one would benefit you the most. Take a look:


Our school is accredited by Red Cross. As such, our general programs are taught as Red Cross swim programs. Anyone can join these classes so long as you’re at least eight months old.

Obviously, anyone who enrolls an infant to one of our classes will be required to attend the class as well. We will teach you how to safely train your child as he/she learns to feel calm and safe in the water.

Older children also require supervision but you will not have to get involved directly once the child is at least five years old.

Kids swim lessons

Our general Red Cross classes divide you up into groups based on skill rather than age. (Though children and adults have separate classes regardless of skill) We still try to keep you within a similar age-group to avoid awkward feelings from an older participant who has the same skill as a younger participant.

The classes are simple, tackling a single swimming stroke at a time. You will also be taught about water safety during these classes.

Advanced Programs

Our advanced programs are for those who are already excellent swimmers and wish to learn more intense strokes. Some of the programs also teach you how to be an instructor yourself.

There are four different safety instructor programs that you’ll need to attend. You do so in the following order:

  1. Bronze Medallion Course
  2. First Aid Course
  3. Bronze Cross Course
  4. Water Safety Instructor Course

As you can tell, these advanced programs focus more on teaching you water safety than anything else. You’ll learn how to perform even the most difficult kinds of strokes while also learning how to look after beginner swimmers in a safe water environment.


Our adult swimming lessons in Toronto don’t have a set teaching schedule for each class. You’ll be placed with three or four other adults with a similar swimming level to your own and given the option to request what you want to learn in each class.

Adult swim lessons

Your swimming instructor will tailor each class based on what you want to learn while also teaching you more about water safety in between. If some of the adults in the class show more skill than others, the instructor may choose to leave them to practice on their own while focusing on the students who require more guidance.

We also offer private swim lessons for adults. We’ll discuss this more in a later section.

Swim Team Lessons

Swim team lessons are designed for those who are considering taking up swimming with a competitive aspect. If you’re thinking about swimming in competitions but aren’t quite sure about it yet, then these are the classes for you.

Students will be placed in teams and made to compete with one another in various contests. You’ll first be trained to perform competitive strokes, turns, and strategies to improve your chances. The goal is not to defeat the opposing team but rather to build up the skill of your own team to the point where you feel confident about joining a real swimming competition.

Private Swimming Lessons Toronto

We do offer private swimming lessons for adults. If you do not wish to come to our swimming school location and have access to a private pool in your home, one of our instructors will come to your house and give you a private lesson there.

The advantage of private lessons is that you get exclusive attention from the instructor. Whatever it is you need to learn, you’ll get to learn it first. The downside is that it will cost you extra. The extra cost includes the exclusive advantage and the travel cost of our instructor.

You can also have a private group lesson if more than one of your household is interested in having swimming lessons. Private instructors will teach up to five different people in a single lesson.

City of Toronto Swimming Lessons Registration

We have two options available for registration. The first option is to register in person at any of our swim school locations. Simply print out this form and fill it out as instructed. Once you’ve done so, go to the nearest or most convenient Felix’s Swim School location for you and hand over the form to the receptionist there.

If you don’t wish to register in person, you can also fill out the online form. Simply fill out your details, tell us what dates and times best suit you or your group, and specify which location you wish to attend classes from.

When we review your registration form, we will get back to you as soon as possible. The response will indicate what our nearest class is to your request. If we don’t have a class on the day and time you’ve chosen, we will suggest to you the nearest time to it.

However, if you’re registering with a complete group of 4-5 people with a similar skill level, we can also arrange to add a class for you at that time. It will depend on how full our swimming pools are at the time.

having fun in a Toronto swimming classToronto swimming lessons for toddlers

In any case, our team will do everything in our power to make the registration process as simple as possible for you.

City of Toronto Swimming Levels

As I’ve mentioned, our classes are separated into groups based on your skill level. We have four skill levels to place you in depending also on your age. Infants will be placed in groups with other infants if not taught on their own. As for children and adults, both groups have the first three levels to choose from, while the last one is for adults only. I’ll explain why as I go:

  1. Beginner Level

For those of you that have little or no experience with swimming, you’ll be placed in a beginner level class. Beginner level classes focus mostly on water safety. One of the first things you’ll learn is how to float in the water.

Following that, you may learn some very basic strokes as well as endurance underwater. Beginner level classes can take more than a year to get through as we wish to make certain that you’re confident in the water before you move onto the next level.

  1. Intermediate Level

Intermediate level participants already know basic water safety and strokes. You’ll already have some experience in the water if you’re placed in this level.

You’ll continue to learn about water safety as well as some more difficult strokes. One of the main focuses of the intermediate level is learning how to control your breath underwater as well as how to come up for breaths without disrupting your momentum.

Intermediate classes have the widest range of skill compared to others. If you reach the end of the intermediate level, then you’re already a strong swimmer!

  1. Advanced Level

Advanced level swimmers have already learned most of the general swimming techniques. If you’re in one of the advanced level classes, chances are you’re one of the best swimmers in your family.

Toronto advance swimming level

In these classes, you’ll learn some of the most difficult strokes and swimming techniques, such as the butterfly. You may also learn how to swim competitively should you choose the Team Swim classes.

  1. Instructor Level

Instructor level classes require you to be at least 16-year-old before you can take part in them. The purpose of instructor level classes is to teach you the entirety of the water safety course so that you will have the skill and training to take beginner swimmers out on your own.

Essentially, you’ll learn how to be a lifeguard and have the training to notice any distressed swimmer and save them. These classes are far more difficult than any of the other levels. You should only take these if you’re serious about learning to be a lifeguard or water safety instructor.

So, now you know all about Felix’s Swim School classes in Toronto. Now all you need to do is fill out a registration form and get yourself in a swimming class. See you soon!

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